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Acts of piracy

As reported by IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre

Summary of piracy and armed robbery against ships in 2014

/from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) report, 12 January 2015/


The increased number of attacks against small tankers off South East Asia’s coasts caused a rise in global ship hijackings, despite piracy at sea falling to its lowest level in eight years


In 2014:

v       245 attacks on ships were committed worldwide (264 attacks in 2013);

v       21 ships were hijacked (12 ships in 2013), 183 ships were boarded by pirates or armed robbers;

v       13 ships were fired upon;

v       442 crew members were taken hostage at sea (304 crew members in 2013);

v       4 crewmembers were killed (1 crewmember in 2013);

v       13 seafarers were injured (21 seafarers in 2013);

v       9 seafarers were kidnapped from their vessels.


§          In Somalia area pirates committed 11 attacks on ships, all of which were thwarted. (15 attacks in 2013);

§          In West Africa, 41 incidents were reported, including 18 attacks off Nigeria; all in all 8 vessels were hijacked;

§          In South East Asia and Indonesia 124 attacks on ships were committed, most of which were aimed at low-level theft from vessels using guns and long knives (in the waters around Pulau Bintan and the South China Sea 11 vessels were hijacked);

In waters of Bangladesh 21 incidents were reported.

29 September, 2020

Reported incidents of piracy and armed robbery of ships in August 2020

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