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Acts of piracy

30 May, 2022

·     02.04.2022: 16.30 UTC: Posn: 13:45.43N – 121:01.52E;Batangas anchorage,Philippines, South China Sea.
Five robbers boarded anchored vehicle carrier PROCYON LEADER (flag of Japan) via the secured hawse pipe through a small gap between the cover and the anchor chain. Duty crew noticed the robbers and retreated to the bridge. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped with stolen ship’s properties. Incident reported to VTS and the coast guard boarded the ship for inspections.
·     03.04.2022: 18.48 UTC: Posn: 01:31.20N – 001:30.68E; around 261 nm SE of Accra, Ghana, Gulf of Guinea.
The bulk carrier ARCH GABRIEL (flag of MarshallIslands, IMO No 9714719) sailing deep offshore in international waters was boarded by pirates armed with firearms. The crew moved to citadel after raising the alarm. The Italian frigate LUIGI RIZZO arrived on scene and a Navy boarding team boarded the bulk carrier. It was confirmed that all 19 crew members reached the citadel safely. The pirates damaged navigation equipment on the bridge, but with the support from the Italian frigate the steering and propulsion systems were repaired. The bulker sailed under escort with the Italian warship towards Nigerian waters and then continued its sail to Lagos escorted by a Nigerian security vessel.
·     08.04.2022: 22.05 LT: Posn: 21:28.3N – 072:22.3E;Gulf of Khambat, India, Arabian Sea.
While underway, six to seven persons armed with knives were sighted on board two boats attempting to board the semi-submersible rig. Upon being spotted by the crew on board the tug boat POSH OSPREY (flag of Singapore) and the tug boat VEGA (flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis), the perpetrators, aborted their attempt to board. Nothing was reported stolen and the crews were not injured.
·     09.04.2022: 08.00 UTC: Posn: 22:13.5N – 091:44.1E; Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh, Bay of Bengal.
Unnoticed, robbers boarded the anchored bulk carrier TAIZHOU PIONEER (flag of Malta) during cargo operations. They stole the rescue boat's engine and escaped. The theft was noticed by the duty crew on rounds. A search was carried out. Authoritiesinformed.
·     11.04.2022: 03.56 LT: Posn: 06:00.39S – 106:54.15E;Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
While at anchor, the duty oiler spotted three perpetrators on board the bulk carrier SILOSO (flag of Singapore), who were trying to enter the engine room. He immediately informed the duty officer on the bridge, who subsequently raised the alarm and made an announcement through the PA system. All crew was mustered at the poop deck and a search of the engine room, accommodation, deck and stores was conducted. No perpetrators were found. Later another search was conducted by the port police with the crew, but no perpetrators were found. Nothing was stolen and the crew was not injured. Thereafter, anti-piracy watch was doubled and additional cargo lights were rigged on the overboard side.
·     13.04.2022: 03.45 UTC: Posn: 04:53.9N – 001:40.9W; Takoradi anchorage, Ghana, Gulf of Guinea.
Two robbers in a fishing boat approached and boarded an anchored bulk carrier MARGRET OLDENDORFF (flag of Liberia) during heavy rain. They broke into the forward store and stole ship’s stores. The duty crew on rounds noticed the robbers, and informed the officer on watch who raised the general alarm and sounded the ship’s horn. Crew mustered. Hearing the alerted crew the robbers escaped. Port control informed. A patrol boat was sent to the location.
·      15.04.2022: 20.42 UTC: Posn: 01:14.31N – 103:58.83E;7.4 nm NW of Nongsa Point, Batam island, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
Alert crew onboard the tanker MEGALI (flag of Malta) underway noticed an unauthorised person attempting to break into the accommodation via the poop-deck entrance and immediately informed the bridge. Alarm raised and crew mustered resulting in the robber escaping empty handed. Incident reported to Singapore VTS.
·     16.04.2022: 00.12 LT: Posn: 22:3N – 091:2E; Chittagong port anchorage, Bangladesh, Bay of Bengal.
An unknown number of perpetrators in a country boat came alongside the LPG tanker SOPHIA (flag of Bangladesh). One of the perpetrators boarded the ship and reportedly stole 20 cans of paint and two drums of lubricating oil. Due to timely reporting of the incident to the local authorities, the Bangladesh Coast Guard despatched a team, who investigated the incident, recovered the stolen items and handed over to the master. The crew was not injured. Considering the quantity of items stolen by one perpetrator, there were some linkages between the perpetrators and the crew or others.
·     18.04.2022: 00.30 LT: Posn: 06:05.50N – 125:09.30E;Port of Makar, General Santos City, Philippines, South China Sea.
While at berth at about 0030 hrs, the OOW of container ship KOTA HAPAS (flag of Singapore) was on roving when he sighted two unidentified persons (wearing black suits with their faces painted black) attempted to board the ship at port side below the gangway ladder. Upon realizing that they had been spotted, the perpetrators immediately jumped into the water.During the inspection, all stores’ padlocks were intact and no item was stolen. At about 03.05 hrs on the same day, the duty AB sighted one unidentified person at the gangway area (port side) of the ship. He immediately informed the OOW and proceeded to the area. Upon seeing the duty AB, the perpetrator immediately jumped into the water. Thereafter, the master and crew carried out a search in the engine room, accommodation and main deck. They found the padlocks of the fire station locker and chemical locker were broken. However, no item was missing or stolen. The crew was not injured during the two occurrences.
·     19.04.2022: 22.40 UTC: Posn: 01:12.51N – 103:51.68E; 0.7nm S of Kusu Island, Singapore, Singapore Strait.
While underway, the masters of tug boats ASIA JAYA 28 (flag of Malaysia) & SINAR ASIA 2912 (flag of Malaysia) reported to Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS) that two unauthorised persons were sighted escaping from the barge on tow. The tug boats and barge were bound for Port Kelang, Malaysia. The Singapore Police Coast Guard craft intercepted the tug boats and barge; and boarded the ships to conduct a search on board. Eight perpetrators and one crew (alleged to conspire with the perpetrators to steal the scrap metal on board the barge) were arrested. Two other perpetrators had escaped. The crews were safe with no injury.
·     26.04.2022: 00.50 LT: Posn: 22:13.6N – 091:43.8E; Chittagong port anchorage, Bangladesh, Bay of Bengal.
About seven to eight perpetrators boarded the petroleum/chemical tanker MAGISTER (flag of Singapore) from a small boat. The alarm was raised and the perpetrators escaped immediately upon hearing the alarm. One set of gangway wire coil was found missing. The crew was not injured.
·     26.04.2022: 07.00 UTC: Posn: 00:03.84S – 051:06.50W; Macapa anchorage, Brazil, South America.
Three robbers boarded the anchored bulk carrierAZZURA (flag of Marshall Islands). During routine rounds, duty crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm resulting in the perpetrators escaping empty handed.
·     27.04.2022: 02.26 UTC: Posn: 01:16.68N – 104:17.78E; approx. 5.6 nm NW of Tanjung Pergam, Bintan Island, Indonesia, Singapore Strait.
The master of the bulk carrier LADY FLORA (flag of Panama) reported to Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS) that one perpetrator was sighted in the engine room. The perpetrator escaped, nothing stolen and there was no confrontation between the perpetrator and the crew.
·     27.04.2022: 19.45 UTC: Posn: 13:43N – 121:2E; Batangas Alpha anchorage, Philippines, South China Sea.
Three robbers armed with knives boarded the anchored product tanker SEXTANS (flag of Marshall Islands). They broke into the bosun store and stole ship’s stores. Duty crew on routine rounds noticed the robbers and raised the alarm. Crew mustered. Hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped with the stolen stores. VTS Batangas informed. The coast guard boarded the tanker for inspection.

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