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Acts of piracy

23 June, 2022

·     05.05.2022: 06.30 UTC: Posn: 13:19N – 060:14E; Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean.
A MV was approached by two small crafts with four POB on each, to within 0,5nm. A larger craft and a third small craft were sighted within the vicinity. MV increased speed and suspicious crafts departed area.
·     06.05.2022: 19.24 UTC: Posn: 05:50S – 013:25E; Matadi port, DR Congo, Gulf of Guinea.
Whilst alongside at Matadi, crew members on the containership CABINDA EXPRESS (flag of Liberia) saw three persons on board, who escaped on a small craft once spotted by the crew. After carrying out a search, it was discovered that a buoy and several lifejackets had been stolen. The incident was reported to the Harbour Master.
·     12.05.2022: 01.10 LT: Posn: 01:10.48N – 103:25.56E; 2,2nm from Tanjung Karimun Kecil, Singapore, Malacca Strait.
A crew of the tanker PELICAN (flag of Cameroon) underway sighted three unauthorised persons in the vicinity of the engine room. The alarm was raised and crew mustered. A search was carried out with no further sighting of the perpetrators. The master reported the incident to Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS). The master reported that nothing was stolen and there was no confrontation between the perpetrators and the crew. All crew members were counted for with no report of injuries. No further assistance was required.
·     17.05.2022: 23.15 LT: Posn: 06:00.55S – 106:54.81E; Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
Officer on watch onboard the anchored container ship CNC LION (flag of Malta) noticed a small unlit boat near the stern. At the same time the steering gear room door alarm was activated. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Hearing the alerted crew the robbers escaped. A search was carried out and nothing reported stolen. Incident report to Jakarta VTS and port control.
·     17.05.2022: 16.50 UTC: Posn: 11:51N – 045:03E; Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa
When transiting at about 30nm south off Aden, a commercial vessel was approached by two skiffs. The MV executed anti piracy evasive maneuvering and lost sight of the skiffs, part due to darkness and visibility and part due to the skiffs turning off their lights. The two skiffs were later spotted less than 100 meters aft of the vessel. Vessel has PCASP on board. Finally the skiffs left.
·     19.05.2022: 13.45 LT: Posn: 01:13.35N – 103:29.42E; approx 3,5nm from Tanjung Piai, Malaysia, Malacca Strait.
The crew of tug boat SINHIN 5 (flag of Malaysia) sighted four perpetrators on board of the towed barge. The perpetrators stole some scrap metals and left the barge. The crew was not injured. No assistance was required to the tug boat and it continued the voyage to Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
·     19.05.2022: 18.45 ; : 14:17 .. – 042:40 .; 34nm SW of Hodeidah port, approx. 20nm from shore, Yemen EEZ, Red Sea
The Hong Kong flagged yacht LAKOTA sailing through the Red Sea northwards was approached by three skiffs and fired on by persons from the skiffs. The perpetrators attacked the yacht three times over a 30 minute period, and rocket-propelled grenade launcher displayed. One attacker managed to board the yacht but then jumped off when he realised that the vessel had drifted from his comrades, who hadn’t reached it. The yacht increased her speed and eventually increased distance from attackers. Vessel and crew all safe.
·     19.05.2022: 04.30 UTC: Posn: 07:02.6N - 057:58.5W; Georgetown anchorage, Guyana, South America.
The anchored bulk carrier CS CANDY (flag of Bahamas) was boarded by five robbers armed with knives. During routine rounds, duty crew noticed the robbers. General alarm raised, PA announcement made and crew mustered. The duty crew was threatened with knives but managed to escape. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped without stealing anything. Incident reported to Georgetown VTS.
·     20.05.2022: 06.00 UTC: Posn: 04:53.72N – 001:42.38W; Takoradi anchorage, Ghana, Gulf of Guinea. 
Unnoticed, robbers boarded the anchored bulk carrier V ATLAS (flag of Panama) by pulling down the razor wire. They broke into the paint store, stole ship’s stores, and escaped. The theft was noticed by the duty crew on routine rounds. Port control informed.
·     21.05.2022: 02.50 LT: Posn: 01:01.9N – 105:05.8E; approx 23nm off Tanjung Pinang in Karimata Strait, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
Four persons armed with knife/machete boarded the bulk carrier SELENA (flag of Barbados) underway. Alarm raised, SSAS activated, and non-essential crew locked themselves in their cabins. Authorities informed. The perpetrators broke into the ship navigational bridge via the bridge wing door and threatened the duty officer, demanding him to bring them to the master’s cabin. The perpetrators tried to enter the master’s cabin, but to no avail. Later the robbers escaped. The crew completed the search and there was no sighting of the perpetrators. The crew were safe and no property was stolen. The ship resumed her voyage to Singapore.
·     25.05.2022: 07.50 UTC: 60nm NE of Djibouti, Djibouti EEZ, Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa.
A research vessel (name unknown), when transiting within Red Sea, East Khor Angar, Bab El Mandeb, was approached by a skiff with approximately 8 persons onboard, on the starboard side. Alert raised on-board, the embarked security team prepared the bridge and displayed their weapons. Fire pump started, lockdown completed. The survey vessel turned to port and made an announcement on VHF Ch16. The skiff came to within half a nautical mile before aborting the approach.
·     27.05.2022: 22.30 LT: Posn: 01:07.78N – 103:30.05E; approx 5,4nm E of Pulau Karimun Kecil, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
Three robbers boarded the product tanker YONG XING SHUN HANG (flag of Panama) underway. Alert crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm resulting in the robbers escaping empty handed. Incident reported to VTIS.
·     28.05.2022: 03.00 LT: Posn: 01:06.9N – 103:31.45E; approx 6,9nm SE of Pulau Karimun Kecil, Indonesia, Malacca Strait.
Three robbers armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier MAGNUM ENERGY (flag of Marshall Islands) underway. Duty oilier on routine rounds noticed the robbers and informed the C/E. Alarm raised, PA announcement made, and crew mustered. Hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped with the stolen ship’s property. VTIS informed. A navy patrol boat escorted the ship to the anchorage area.

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